Library Manners



One student is sitting in a comfortable chair reading a book



Two people are at a table quietly discussing a project



A teen is listening to music using his earphones


A small group gathers quietly in a corner to discuss a book


A toddler sits on the floor completing a puzzle



A student using a website gets helps from the librarian

Here are Mrs. Mayer's "Bee Rules." Mrs. Mayer's students suggested what each Bee Rule meant to them.

Bee Kind

Raise your handBeeclipart

Be nice to other people

Help others

Talk quietly

Bring the books back on time

Be patient


Bee ListeningBeeclipart1

Listen carefully

Sit still

Sit up straight


Bee RespectfulBeeclipart2

Take good care of the books

Please put unwanted books on cart

Use a bookmark

Keep your hands to yourself

Apologize when you need to


Bee Safe

Walk in the library

Sit properly in the chairs

"Shhhh!" You won't hear the librarian saying this much anymore! Libraries are exciting places to read, research, and work together. Librarians want people to work together and that means people need to talk or communicate. However, we do need to remember that the library is for everyone.

Everyone is using the library while respecting the others around them.

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Library Manners

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