How to take care of books


Take good care of your books so they are around for a long time!


1. Turn pages carefully. Click here to see how it is done!

2. Do not write or draw in books.

3. Use a bookmark.

4. Keep books away from food and drink. Spend your mealtime talking with your family and friends. Conversation improves your reading skills!

5. Keep books safe from babies and pets, but do read to them!

6. Keep your book dry.



What should you do if you tear a page or a spine breaks?

If the book belongs to the library or someone else, please return it without repair (but with an apology!) to the library or owner. If the library chooses to repair the book, they have special materials made for book repair and special skills to do the job right.

If you are interested in repairing your own books, be sure to use archival quality tape and glues. These special tapes and glues will not yellow or crack over time.

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