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Parts of a Science Fair Project


Abstract: This is a summary of your child's entire science fair project, and is only a paragraph long. State the hypothesis, include a brief overview of your experiment, and then state your conclusions.

Introduction: Tells the reader about the hypothesis and experiment: Why was this topic chosen? Why is this experiment important?

Review of the Literature: This is a mini-report on the topic. Generally follow the research paper process to write a short report about your topic. The purpose is to introduce the reader to what is being studied and provide them with background knowledge.

Hypothesis: This is the research question, predictions, and hypothesis statement.

Experimental Design or Materials and Methods: List of the materials used for the experiment. Describe th steps or procedures. Define the dependent and independent variables, and your control and constants. Be sure to state your steps clearly, the purpose is to allow someone else to repeat your experiment.

Results: State the results of your experiment. Include charts, graphs, and calculations. Label your data.

Analysis: Discuss the data and results and how they relate to your hypothesis; refer to the graphs and charts. Discuss the variables, control, and constants.Discuss the analysis of errors that occurred: what went wrong with the experiment, and how to reduce errors when repeating the experiment. Discuss recommendations for further study.

Conclusion: Discuss how the hypothesis answered your question. Summarize the experiment. State whether the hypothesis was proven or disproven, and discuss what that might mean. Discuss what was learned from this experiment and the scientific process.

References: This is the bibliography page. Use the same format as the research paper, unless your teacher asks for a different format. Title the page: References.

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