Doing a research report requires your child to find facts and quotes written by others to prove her point or tell about her topic. When using another author's work, your child needs to provide the reader with information about where the facts and quotes were found. At the end of the paper or in addition to the project, your child should provide a list of the works she used to create her paper or project including any media she use such as pictures, video, art, and music. This list is called: Works Cited, Bibliography, or References. Each item in her list should follow certain formatting rules. Many schools follow the MLA style rules. Here are some tools to make the citation job much easier!

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Citation for Grades K-1

Kindergartners citing sources?? Yes, they can! Encourage your student to point out the author and title of the book orally : "I got this information from __(title)____  written by ____(author)____." If the source was a website, give the name of the website.


Citation for Grades 2-3

Second and third graders are ready to look carefully at the title page and the verso (the back of the title page) to find the author, title, and date of the book. They are also learning to write the author's name in reverse order: Last Name, First Name. For websites, students should write the title of the website or page, the date that the student visited the site (day, month, year: i.e. 18 Mar 2013), and then the web address or URL (can be shortened).  Click here for a simple citation form to fill out and attach to the paper or project.


Citation for Grades 4-5

Fourth and fifth graders are ready to find full bibliographic information using the title page and verso. Use bibliographic forms to help your student format the information correctly for MLA. They can also use a bibliographic web-based tool such as BibMe or EasyBib. Either attach bibliographic forms in alphabetical order to the back of the paper or project, or provide a Works Cited list created by a web-based tool.


Citation for Middle School

Middle school students are ready to provide full bibliographic information in a formal Works Cited page. Citations should be double spaced, arranged in alphabetical order, with hanging indentations, and titles of works in italics. Use the bibliographic forms to help format the information correctly and keep track of sources. Be sure to double check any citations formatted with BibMe or EasyBib for completeness and correctness. Here is a sample Works Cited page. Many sources have bibliographic elements that are difficult to determine. Please be sure to ask the librarian for help if you need it! 

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