1. Type according to your teacher’s formatting instructions: spacing, font, and font size. If your teacher did not specify: double space, Times New Roman or Helvetica font, and 12 point size. Are you required to have a heading on each page with the page number, your name, and/or the title of the paper?
  2. Write a title page
    • Write a title which leads your reader to your thesis
    • Include your full name and date
    • Include any other information your teacher requires, maybe your teacher’s name, the name of your class, the period of your class, your student number… Be sure to use the format your teacher requires.
  3. Pull together your Works Cited or Bibliography page.
    • Put all your source cards in alphabetical order
    • Center “Works Cited” or “Bibliography” as the title of this page
    • Type your sources in alphabetical order from your cards. Use the format on your source card form (this is simple MLA format, the most common format for bibliographies in middle school) or use an online app such as EasyBib or BibMe (double check all entries, add and delete as necessary to match MLA requirements). Entries should have hanging indentations and be double-spaced with no extra spaces between entries. Include URLs for websites if requested by your teacher.
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