Deep Reading


Deeply read your sources and take notes. You will have two sets of cards: one set will be your source cards mentioned in Gather Your Sources, the other will be these notes you will take as you read.

Thinking About Your Reading:

What to Write When Notetaking:

Write one idea, fact, definition, or explanation on each note card. At the top of your note card on one side, record the place in your outline the note matches: IIB1. In the other corner write the number of the source (this is on your source card) in which you found the information: Source #4. You can use Cornell Notes, writing the notes on cards and later adding the key question to the top.

Types of Notes

How to Write Your Notes on the Cards:


How to write your notes on a word prcessing document

At the beginning of the note, record the place in the outline where the information fits, e.g. "IIB2." Type the summary, paraphrase, quote, or media

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Deep Reading

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