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Mindmapping apps to organize your thoughts



Gain more background knowledge, help you organize or narrow your topic, find more keywords, develop a better question:


Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Write down:

Devleoping Search Terms

Think about narrower or more specific topics related to your question about which you need to find more information to help you answer your question. In other words, what topics do you need to know about in order to understand your question? These topics will be the terms you use to search in the:


Magazine, Journal, and/or Newspaper Databases

Internet Search Engines

Indentify key words related to your question. These are vocabulary words you and your readers will need to understand.

Devloping Questions

Ask other questions about your question or topic. Try to ask questions that are open-ended: they can't be answered with only a word or two:

How did this come to be?
Did they try...?
What does ..... mean?
Who started this?
Who else is involved?
When did this happen?
What other events might have affected this?
Where did this happen?
Why is this happening?
Why hasn't it been fixed?
What are the possible solutions?
What caused this?
What would happen if...?
What did ... say about ...?
How can ... be explained?
Describe ...
What concerns does ... have about ....?

You can turn these questions into paragraph topic sentences for your paper.

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