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Here are some Handy Links to great sites to help get your child or your student reading!

The Children's Book Review  This site has everything: suggestions, reviews, and video interviews with authors 

Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature  Search list of award winning literature; Limit by genre, age, setting, etc. 

Your Brain on Fiction  The neuroscience of why it is important to read fiction 

Watch a Book Being Born  Watch this video journal of how a book is made

A Book and a Hug  Find great recommendations on books for all ages. 

What Kind of a Superhero Reader Are You?  Take this fun quiz to help find books that you will love! 

What Speed Do You Read?  Use this test, sponsored by Staples, to find out how fast you read compared to the national average. This test is designed for adults, however you can use the tool option in the upper right hand corner to choose an appropriate text for your age. This test is designed to give an estimate, it is not a diagnostic tool! 

Surprising Tips That Help Kids Learn to Read  Learn ways to help your child increase reading comprehension during reading time at home 

Children’s Literature: How to Find a Good Book  Learn ways to browse the library or bookstore shelves to select great literature for your child 

A Simple Way to Help Your Child Become A Better Reader (No Books Necessary!)  Find out about the importance of building background knowledge to support reading comprehension 

Juvenile Sequels and Series  This great resource lists 4,900 book series for children and young adult. Check it out to see if you have read all the books in the series! 

Based on the Book  This is a database of books that have been made into movies. It covers books for children as well as adults. 

Book Wizard  Use this site to search for book suggestions that are similar to the book you just read and loved! 

Cynthia Leitich Smith's Children's & Young Adult Literature Resources  This site is a comprehensive site on all things children's literature and writing children's literature.

Nancy Keane's Children's Literature Page  A goldmine of reading suggestions! Search by topic or interest level in the ATN lists, and read short book talks on thousands of books or listen to podcasts. 

Read Kiddo, Read!  A great reading recommendation site by author James Patterson 

Choices Reading Lists  Reading lists compiled by thousands of students, teachers, and librarians all over the United States.  

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