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The Internet is a very public place. It is very easy to think that your information is private because it's just you and your computer, tablet, or phone, but in reality the Internet is like a huge city with billions of people from all over the world talking, working, and playing together. Your information is floating out there in this vast virtual city waiting for someone to capture it. The news is full of reports of stolen identities, private information being spied on, and shady contacts. It can happen to you.

Information that identifies you should be protected as you would protect your physical self walking around a real big city. You should be supervised by a trusted adult and carry your valuables close to you. The same is true when on the Internet. Mom and Dad or some other trusted adult should be helping you keep safe on the Internet. You need to keep your valuable personal information as private as you can by being careful about the sites on which you create accounts with the help of an adult, and keeping your account information locked with the protection of a good user name and password. These are your online credentials. They identify who you are. Creditials are like the key to your house. They give you control over your private information like a key gives you control over who enters your house.

Why do some sites require you to log in and set a password?

Sites will require online credentials for a variety of reasons, including:

Online credentials give you more control over where and how your private information is used. They do not gaurentee that your information will stay private, but they greatly reduce the risk.

How to Create a Good User Name and Screen Name

How to Create a Secure Password

For Parents:COPPA and online child protection

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