About LemonTreeLibrary


LemonTreeLibrary is a library for parents, teachers, and mentors of PreK-8 students. We are not a place where you can take a book off the shelf and hand it to a child, but we can help you learn how to do that in your child's own school or public library. Here's a list of what we can help you teach your child: How to:

1. Help him find the perfect book to read

2. Help her find information to answer a question

3. Help him find information to help you with school assignments

4. Learn how to use her school or public library to find print and electronic information

5. Help him build your reading skills

6. Help her learn about being a responsible user of digital and print information, and of technology

7. Help your child's teachers, parents, and other grown-ups to help

8. Show him how to fun learning!!

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About Grade Levels:

Lower Elementary:

Skill Level: Pre-Readers and Beginning Readers
Interest Level: Generally Grades PreK-3 or ages 3-9

Upper Elementary:

Skill Level: Fluent Readers with developing vocabulary
Interest Level: Generally Grades 3-5 or ages 9-12

Middle School:

Skill Level: Fluent Readers with more advanced vocabulary
Interest Level: Generally Grades 5-9 or ages 11-14
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